Best Quality Fabrics used

We use the best quality fabrics that we get directly from Kamla Fabrics to give you the best of everything!

Huge Collection of Apparel

We have a huge collection of apparels and we’re continuously adding more and more to the stock.

Excellent Packaging done

We want you to feel the best when you unwrap our exclusive dress and so we make a lot of effort on the packaging.

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We use the best quality silk fabric for your clothing, which comes from Kamla Fabrics.


We pack your dress the way it's meant to be packed! So that when you open it, there's a feeling and not just clothing!


In case you have an issue with it, you can contact us through our Contact Page and we'll definitely help you out!

“Saadgee India has the best collection of apparel and clothing for women and it feels good to have their clothing from the unpacking to wearing it!”

— Camilia (Influencer)